I have to be honest, it is hard to offend me or shock me. As someone who spends a lot of time looking at internet trends, memes, and sites as a way to do research and improve the way I handle digital communications, I can honestly say I’ve seen the lowest of human lows. However, tonight someone managed to REALLY offend me.

Now, in email marketing one general tip blogs, PR Gurus, etc. always give is that you should keep things timely and relevant. Finding a way to tie your email into current events is always encouraged (as it often is in PR). However, there are certain current events you should NEVER tie your PR or marketing into. I don’t care how relevant you think it is, it will ALWAYS be disrespectful. That’s why when I got this email from a club promoter, I couldn’t help but post it…

Inappropriate email marketing example.

As you can see, the email’s subject line reads “RIP Whitney Houston:: Celebrate Life 2nite”. So incredibly disrespectful and inappropriate. This is NOT how you should approach email marketing. Never do this!

(Besides the atrocious subject line, the email is fraught with other mistakes. 1) It isn’t formatted correctly despite the fact the promoter is using an established email campaign manager like iContact 2)It also is filled with spelling mistakes, and the overuse of slang words is a huge turnoff.)