First, I would like to thank Villanova’s Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) student group for inviting me to hold a workshop discussing social media and human resources.

On October 18th, I hosted HR students from Villanova and walked them through how their profession is adopting social media. Online and mobile communications are no longer a territory that only marketers and PR specialists have access to. It is time that HR has a say in the discussion involving how to best communicate on digital platforms. Social media can be a valuable tool for human resource professionals, one that helps them articulate their company’s values, mission, and goals. From recruiting, to employee engagement, to training and employee development, HR can incorporate social media platforms and techniques to support their company and achieve results.

Preparing for the presentation was an eye-opening experience, especially because I have traditionally always looked at social media from a marketing and public relations perspective. While I hope the students walked away feeling like I shared some knowledge and practical advice, they also brought something to my attention. Universities are not keeping pace with some of the professions they’re educating students about. Human resources is quickly incorporating social media into their job functions, yet many university classes have not covered the topic in-depth, or sometimes not at all. This is something I witnessed while attending George Washington University (to barely touch on social media in journalism and marketing classes boggles my mind), and it worries me that other universities are following suit. Universities can no longer ignore the changing trends of industries, especially if they are really trying to prepare students for life after college. My observation aside, I hope you will all take time to look at my presentation from the workshop below. Enjoy my doodling sense of humor throughout (I aim to entertain haha). Villanova University is sending me the video from the workshop (hopefully) by the end of the week, which I will post on here as well so you can experience the workshop from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to see some of the discussion notes from the presentation, view my presentation on SlideBoom. Click Here.

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(Some of my flashy fonts and styles were removed by both Slideboom and Scribd. Does anyone know of an online document presentation tool that doesn’t strip away styling?)

I particularly want to thank Cynthia Trivella and Rich DeMatteo for answering all of my questions. Cynthia and Rich’s feedback reassured me that the direction I chose for my presentation was the right one. So, many thanks! Connect with Cynthia and Rich on Twitter: @CyndyTrivella and @Cornonthejob

If you are one of the SHRM students who attended my workshop, or even a random HR professional in need of advice or tips on how to use social media, email me with questions at