Cue the beeping sound you here during cable tests, I am calling out for help from all Human Resources Pros and Social Media Lovers!

On October 18th I will give a workshop on social media for Villanova University’s student SHRM group. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. I am collecting some information from human resource personnel, and would love to get some feedback from my readers as well. Readers, if you have any friends who would like to offer some advice please forward this call for help along. To help guide your feedback, I propose this question: Human Resources Pros, how do you use social media to improve your job function? If you don’t fancy that question…some other topic areas I will cover in my workshop are what job seekers look for from human resources on social media channels and good online resources for human resources pros once they land a job.

Feel free to send your feedback in one of three ways:
1) Leave a comment
2) Send your response to my email (
3) Tweet me! @ColeySorg

Thanks in advance for your help!