Have you noticed that a huge online trend right now is creating visually appealing Infographics that are jam-packed with data? You have? Good. Infographics help people better visualize data, stories, and even social media concepts. My favorite Tumblr, I love Charts, has built a substantial following offering Pie Charts, Infographics, and more. Visual.ly, The coolest new social experiment builds upon and expands the public’s need for data visualization by creating an online community to not only house and share Infographics, but also give tools and inspiration for data lovers to create newer and bigger visualizations.

I think this is incredibly cool because it allows people to socially categorize data in a new, interactive way. Lee Sherman, co-founder of Visual.ly, shared the power of his new site saying, “We believe that Infographics and data visualization is the future of media and is perfect for the age of big data. For consumers, Infographics provide a bite-sized approach to consuming complex information and getting to the heart of the story. For publishers, Infographics can be used to tell stories, drive traffic, and promote brands.”  Yes Infographics can boost brand power or aid journalists in story-writing, but the main focus (and what makes it so genius) of the project is the open community it gives for people to find, create, and categorize. Infographics are the new way to make sense of the information that overwhelms us on the internet and in the media. Tools that can categorize information AND help users make sense of all of the messages they are bombarded with, will be the next stage of socialization on the internet.

(It’s also worthwhile to mention that if you’re a brand and need some Infographics, Visual.ly also offers its Inforgraphic team for hire.)

I wanted to give Visual.ly a try, so I used their Twitter Infographic tool to compare my Twitter account and my absolute FAVORITE baking lady, Martha Stewart. I obviously have a lot of catching up to do to be equal with Martha, but the chart is a good representation of the power of this new social experiment.

My Twitter Vs. Martha Stewart infographicSee, cool right? And is it just me, or did they get Martha Stewart pretty much dead-on in this Infographic? I encourage you to go create your own Inforaphics, or check out the thousands already added in their gallery. I’m easily more excited for this than Google+ if you can’t tell, and I think you should be as well.

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