To all my followers who are new to the Public Relations/Social Media/Marketing Industry, this post is for you! Instead of hearing from just me, I thought it would be refreshing to get some other voices on this blog.

I’d like to virtually introduce you to Matt Roberts. Matt currently serves as the president and chief strategist at MJRC, Inc. in Philadelphia. He is also the President-Elect of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Marketing Association. The wealth of his 30 years of experience has been in communications for the healthcare industry where he has held various leadership positions including Director of Healthcare Strategies for Qwest Interactive, and PR Officer at Montgomery General Hospital. Matt has a proven track record of leading and building teams that achieve measurable increases in market share, sales, audience awareness and customer relationships.  In 2009, Matt’s current company, MJRC, was awarded for Customer Specific Marketing by AMA for their ability to help a life sciences client increase sales by nearly 30% in one year. 

The question I posed to Matt was simple:

Can you give any advice to a young professional about how succeed in the Public Relations/Marketing industry? 

His Response:

1) Be the person who can explain the complex message (or situation) to the busy person (or targeted audience) in a way that makes the concepts relatively simple to grasp and the impact simple to use (or, act on). 

In order to do this well and consistently–which is why people will seek you out and pay you well–you will need to do some research on both the background of the message and its complexity. [Read what you clients–and bosses–read. Read what your target audience reads. Find out, and then tune in, to the sources of the messages that influence your clients and your bosses–it will put you on their frequencies and enable you to understand what they consider authoritative and valuable.] Then, you will also need to develop some of your own insights into the best ways to craft communications–and select the optimal delivery mechanisms/channels–to ensure that the people whose behavior you seek to change receive your messages in ways that they can grasp and internalize. 

2) You must always find something about your message–or its source, or its prospective impact–that truly interests you.

Being curious is the best way to stay engaged and passionate. Clients, as well as employers, really do appreciate communicators who are passionate (as well as skilled) explainers.

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