As I’ve been mentioning, today starts my 12 Days of Christmas for Managing Digital Communications! For the next 6 Days I’ll be recommending what I feel are the most valuable tools or concepts for social media and digital campaigns.

On this first day of Christmas I recommend to you: CoTweet

CoTweet Feed Example

Whenever I attend conferences on social media, one of the biggest questions people ask the speakers is what tools they use to manage social media. Every one has their own personal preferences, but I personally feel that CoTweet is one of the best tools out there. CoTweet is perfect for small businesses and large alike. Never heard of CoTweet? According to CoTweet’s site, CoTweet is “a comprehensive Web-based social media engagement, management and reporting solution that helps companies of all sizes engage, track and analyze conversations about their brands across the most popular and influential social communities today, Twitter and Facebook.”

There are many reasons I like CoTweet, the main reason: It’s standard version is free!  CoTweet offers two different versions, Standard and Enterprise. Standard is free to businesses and is perfect for small teams or individuals, and unlike other products or services the standard version still offers incredible usability. When I worked with the Marine Corps our small team of 4 worked with CoTweet to manage Twitter. Some features you get with standard are:

  • multiple admins/users for CoTweet account
  • the ability to assign messages between admins
  • click per link measurements
  • limited measurement and analytics
  • email notifications
  • multiple account publishing
  • scheduling of tweets hours, days, or months in advance
  • message archives (save those important messages from followers)
  • monitoring of conversations (ex: hashtag lists, @reply’s, etc.)

If you’re a larger organization and have a budget for tools, CoTweet also offers the Enterprise version. Enterprise easily expands to support an unlimited number of users, advanced workflow (with workgroups for account control), more analytics, third-party integrations (including Salesforce.com and twitpic), productivity tools (such as advanced scheduling), unlimited conversation history for deeper customer relationships, a mobile app, rich profiles of fans and followers, and the ability to schedule and monitor on Twitter AND Facebook.

So to wrap it all up, why do I love CoTweet? It allows your team to communicate more effectively internally, and makes conversation fluid externally. You Join the Conversation in real-time! And then by following conversations about your brand and archiving it over time, you can build rich profiles of customers and track customer service queries to help improve the way people experience your brand. Your customer is no longer anonymous!

HollySo Merry Christmas to all! I hope you enjoy your day. Hopefully you enjoyed my first recommendation to you, stay tuned for some more grandiose ideas in the next few days! I had to start you out easy after all.