Firstly, I apologize for the lack of blogs recently, I’ve been buried underneath work. I’ve also been amping up for my 12 Days of Christmas for Managing Digital Communications! It begins the 25th, so make sure you tune in!


Hopefully you’ve been paying attention to the lessons of my blog. If you have been listening, then you have been using the new trends in marketing online to your advantage. Companies’ uses of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Groupon, and more did not stop because Cyber Monday ended. Although I think it might be safe to say that shoppers have caught on to this since holiday spending continues. In fact, Holiday spending online has hit record numbers this season. On Cyber Monday alone, spending hit a $1 billion record high. Last weekend online spending hit $900 million, a 17% growth rate over last year (facts via MediaBuyerPlanner).

Today I had a lovely experience waiting in line at a favorite Philadelphia bakery for over an hour (worth it for delicious pastries), during which time I started discussing with the people around me what brought them to the bakery. The conversation inspired a whole slew of Twitter Social Media advice (are you following me on Twitter? Go check it out, @ColeySorg) for small town bakeries, but I also got some insights into holiday spending. One customer informed me that her packages are still rolling in from online purchases, and when I asked her why she chose to buy online she told me “well it’s so cheap, and the stores are really offering so many great incentives this year!”. Where were all these incentives found? Twitter, Facebook, phone apps, coupon sites, blog communities for evaluating retailers, etc.

So, as you are finishing up some last-minute shopping, opening newly delivered purchases from online retailers, or planning to shop some more for relatives you see after Christmas (you know you do it), I hope you use social media and digital marketing tools to your advantage. But remember, spend wisely! Actually….maybe this chart will help with that:


Should You Buy That Gift?
Should you buy that gift? (via