Have you ever had a friend or relative who tried to get you to like their hobby despite your disdain for it? Guaranteed, 75% percent of the time, you ended up frustrated by their persistence rather than switching allegiances to their hobby.

No matter how great an idea, product, or organization there is always going to be a segment of the population that just won’t jump on the bandwagon. Let’s dub them the “Non-believers”. Now you can bring out some genius schemes, rely on your customers to talk them around, etc. and maybe you’ll decrease that number. Newsflash though, it will never be zero.

Some organizations get so caught up in converting the world into believers that they neglect the customers that have already bought into them 100%. Stop trying to please the world because it will never happen. On the other hand, some organizations also get bogged down in what they perceive as the negatives of social media. One such negative is that even amongst believers there will always be an outspoken minority that will feel alienated. This outspoken minority begins to control the organization’s outreach because the company is frightened of letting it continue. To this I say: Stop trying to please everyone! Instead communicate and create tools that will allow the positive to shine.

The more you try to please everyone, the more you’ll stray from your brand and the more diluted and confusing your outreach will become. Focusing on the segment of the population that supports your product will allow your brand to thrive, to expand, and to innovate. Stop trying to convert the world into the next biggest fan of your idea.